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Humor--Visual this time

Page history last edited by Shyam Sharma 10 years, 12 months ago

Teacher's Humor


This time we have humorous images, from different websites (sources given).

Interestingly enough, these linguistic errors are NOT funny if you understand that they can be elements of local Englishes and that most people in the context might understand what is meant.

Hints are on language issue; please figure out the humor yourself.


Don't use two words where one is enough: as in men's (male sex). Don't translate words; translate sentences.


It should be any one (separately)!


Too much grammar: "to be entered" is to be buried! Why not just say "before entering"?



If fresh food is special item today, should you eat here any other day?


Something wrong with number 65.


It's all "crap" here. And that's why phonetics is important.


Can you really swallow fried needles?


Bad advice :) It's not easy to put plastic bags IN your head anyway!


That's the difference between "being interested" and "being interesting"!


Well, can you never stop cleaning?


One word fit all: WHILE!!! How long are you supposed to laugh and scream "while" the drifting is "over"?



------------------------------Finally, here are some cartoons if you haven't smiled enough yet-------------

If teaching language is all about grammar, then this lady is gonna be a terrorist in the world of principals.



This is from cartoonstock.com. No, the computer can't do the thinking for you.



Thinking like you do can re-produce excessive numbers of fools.



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